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Concrete Laborers

All Finish Concrete is in search of Concrete Laborers that has the ability to function well as part of a team. We offer great pay, vacation, benefit packages, and 401 (K).



Must pass a pre-employment drug test.
Must have hammer, tape, nail apron, utility knife, and steel toed boots.



Lift, carry and move building forms, requires twisting, bending and lifting of 50-100 pounds
Needs to be able to operate a concrete vibrator, skill saw, demo saw, table saw, drill, jumping jacks, plate compactors, and use a jack hammer in the demolition of concrete
Perform any combination of the following tasks- dig, spread, and level dirt and gravel using picks, shovels and other tools
Must have the ability to measure and cut lumber accurately with a tape measure
Ability to use a wheelbarrow, set up slabs, footings, and walls.
Ability to inspect machinery and perform basic maintenance, such as checking oil levels, gas/oil mix and lubricating parts as needed

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